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What is the rational model of decision making? How is it different from bounded rationality and intuition? Are you ever without emotion?
What are some common decision biases or errors people make? What are the most common ones I make?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of group (versus individual) decision making? 4.How effective are interacting, brainstorming, and the nominal group technique? what is my personal skill level with these? What can I do to gain needed skills?
People act on the basis of their perception of reality.Personality attributes provide a framework for predicting behaviour.sp people behaviour is influenced by the state they are in. People who are good at reading the emotions of others are generally more effective in the workplace. because
What is creativity, and what is the three-stage model of creativity?
6.What are the four criteria used in making ethical decisions, and how do they differ?
7.What is corporate social responsibility?

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Discuss the Rational Model of Decision Making.
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