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The purpose of the Performance Critique is to engage you, whenever possible, with live performance, or, as a substitute, a video of a live performance. You may select performances that include almost any type of music. There are a few types of concerts that will not count: high school or middle school performances and church services/church recitals are not sufficient. Rock, country, hip hop, popular music, etc. & any of their subgenres are not appropriate for this concert critique.  The concert that you attend needs to be a minimum of 45 minutes and 3 works.  (A single piece that is 45 minutes long does not qualify as a concert. If a work has multiple movements it is still considered just 1 work))  If you have a question about whether a concert is appropriate, please contact us through the class website and we will let you know prior to the event.  Use the Performance Critique template in module 3 for the directions, template, and questions to answer.
Performance Critiques

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Students will listen to 2musical performances online, preferably through YouTube, and will write a short critique of each of those performances. All papers must be uploaded to Canvas as MS Word.doc files by the due date. Papers should be 12 pt. font, with one-inch margins and double spaced. All performances chosen should fit within the parameters of the music that we have studied up to that point. Specific guidelines for the critiques will be posted on the class websitein the specific assignment area.Critique 1 does not allow any type of popular music (Rock, country, hip hop, reggae, rap, etc.) or any of their subgenres. Doing an incorrect genre for critique 1 is an automatic 40 point deduction.  Any type of music is acceptable for Critique 2.  Papers will go through turnitin, and any paper with a similarity percentage of 40 or above will receive a grade of 0. No resubmissions of papers are allowed.The written assignments in this class are based on you applying the knowledge learned from the modules, and while you do need references for where you learned about the information, they should not be full of quotes or blocks of texts from outside sources.  If you are over 40% on one of the assignments, it is about not just similarity but also following the directions for it to be your application of knowledge and writing in your own words.  No resubmissions are allowed.

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No resubmissions are allowed.

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