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Throughout the years, we have seen many changes in teens. Society has taken over; Teens are not Teens anymore. As we grow up, we admire someone much older than us. When we make decisions, we make them without acknowledging the consequences; we only assume it is the right decision because we see others doing it. Peer pressuring is a significant problem for teens nowadays. The reality now is that to be accepted, we all must step in a foot forward forcefully and hide our real identity.

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There are several types of peer pressure. The first one is persuading someone to act upon a situation; this is called Spoken Peer Pressure. The second one, Unspoken Peer Pressure, is exposed to an action of one or more peers, and they have the choice of following along. Adding on, some peers might be direct and pressure us into committing a wrong act, or else they will go around gossiping, and that will have a tremendous impact on our self-esteem. Our mind crumbles up, and we believe we must be like the rest. However, peer pressure is not always a bad thing. Peer pressure can be positive at times.; this mostly comes from our parents. There are negative and positive outcomes; we take control of our actions.

There are significant causes invoking peer pressure. (“The Syndicate Post”) gives various points; “desire to fit in” for example, a group of friends gets together, they all smoke and drink. They, of course, look “cool.” So, we want to be just like them. Adding on to this, “To avoid rejection and gain acceptance.” We all want acceptance in life; it makes us feel confident. “Hormonal Inconsistencies” is another cause. Having “anxiety and low self-esteem, and lack of home structure, can all lead to confusion.” all these points given are causes and guarantee a negative effect.

Moving forward, the multiple effects that can occur are taking the route towards drugs and sex; of course, these are very common. As we grow older, we are exposed to all the bad habits. It usually seems as if these habits come running directly to us. We also tend to compare ourselves to our friends, leading to being peer pressured by social groups. There are also new trends that come out daily, and we feel anxious about trying them. There are various effects concerning this situation; we may fall into depression or have anxiety disorders. Other effects are health issues such as becoming anorexic or, as said before, consuming drugs. An article called (“Peer Pressure: Causes, Effects, and Solutions”) explains how it can also affect our academic performance, poor self-care, attitudes, visual appearance and can even lead to criminal activities. These effects can change our lifestyle; there are many consequences we might go through; however, peer pressure is not always a bad thing.

Now that we have talked about some adverse outcomes concerning peer pressure, we can directly speak on positive outcomes. Positive peer pressure can consist of admiring our parents or friends that have healthy lifestyle choices. Such as seeing a friend eat a healthy snack, reading a good book, or even having one of those “boring friends.” The friend that does not go out to a party, or the friend that stays home to study. Positive peer pressure comes mostly from parents;

they intend to force us to do good in school, they influence us to stay out of any harm. They persuade and encourage us always to do our best.

In article called “Effects and tips to help cope kids cope with peer pressure problems

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