Management of CBG is not happy with the completion time in Question 2(c) and wants the project completed earlier than that. You are given the following additional activity information.

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Crash Time (weeks) Activity Cost (GH¢) Normal Crash A 7 4,800 6,300 B 9 9,100 15,500 C 5 3,000 4,000 D 8 3,600 5,000 E 1 0 0 F 3 1,500 2,000 G 5 1,800 2,000 H 3 0 0 I 1 0 0 J 2 0 0 K 6 5,000 7,000
i. Prepare a table of Allowable Crash Time and Crash Cost per Week for each activity. (5 marks) Management of CBG can offer a maximum of GH¢800 per week to enable the project manager reduce the project completion time: ii. prepare a table for the crashing procedure. (5.5 marks) iii. when will the project now be completed? (0.5 mark) iv. what is the total extra cost to management of CBG? (1 mark) v. If management of CBG wishes the computerized accounting system to be ready at week 30, what will be the total extra cost to CBG? (2 marks)

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