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Assume that you have recently been appointed to become a Marketing Support Director (MSD) in an established automotive company in Turkey. As part of your role responsibilities three departments, Marketing Planning (MP), Marketing Research (MR) and Events Coordination(EC) report to you. You are provided with formal role authorities such as making final decisions about hiring new employees, firing existing ones and deciding the ultimate level of performance-based-rewards for your subordinates. You know that MP and MR departments have to deal with ambiguous situations, creative and ill-defined tasks, whereas EC handles the administration of special event organizations such as exhibitions, meetings, hotel reservations, traveling plans etc. There are three and four employees working in MP and MR departments respectively and you know that all of them are well-trained professionals, each with more than three years of experience in their positions. Your first meeting with your employees at MP and MR departments gives you an impression that they are ready to cooperate and approaching your leadership with positive expectations. On the other hand, three employees working in EC department seem to keep more distant compared to employees working in MP and MR departments and you know that they are both less qualified and less experienced than the other employees. Given the above situation, how would you configure your leadership style for your employees in each department in order to keep their motivation and performances as high as possible? Please be sure to discuss relevant theories of leadership and clearly state your behavioral style by examples.

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Discuss the Leadership Style for employees in Each Department in Order to Keep their Motivation and Performances as High as Possible.
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