1.5 Define and describe what is meant by the term Supply Chain. Discuss the key issues of Supply Chain management? Discuss whether supply chain management is different for companies manufacturing products as opposed to delivering services. Additionally, discuss the importance of RFID for supply chain management Support your answer with examples. 1.6 Effective company administration includes the establishment and implementation of a well-defined set of policies covering the ethical behavior of all employees and the assurance that effective internal controls are in place. Discuss the purpose of establishing and enforcing these policies in terms the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the reduction of operating and financial risk. 1.7 Explain and discuss the reasons why a major conflict of interest may develop between business owners (i.e. investors, shareholders) and business managers. Provide an example of how the goals of owners and managers can create a conflict of interest and how such a conflict might be reduced. 1.8 Discuss the importance and purpose of creating a Business Plan. Include in your discussion an explanation of the purpose(s) of a Business Plan, the components that are essential to include in the Plan, and the kinds of research, which must be accomplished in order to give the plan credibility and value.

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Discuss the Key Issues of Supply Chain Management
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