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I have already done the intro paragraph but here are the instructions: A short paper will be required for this course. The paper should be an “argumentative” paper, that is, you should expand on a topic, point, or thesis, and convey your best supportive arguments for it. An “argumentative” paper does not mean you are going to “argue”, and this should be self-explanatory, but some students ask me this question regularly. An argumentative paper is a paper in which you advance a thesis framed in form of a question; that distinguishes it from a purely “descriptive paper”. In other words, let’s say you are interested on Erickson’s stages of development. Rather than writing a paper describing the stages of development, I rather you ask for example “Were Erickson’s own struggles with identity part of his motivation for his theory”? You should note facts in support of your argument along with factors that counter your argument. Finally, you should write a summary or conclusion that considers the arguments both, pro and con. As with any other good paper, you should have an introduction, a main body of the paper (separated in sections as needed) and a conclusion. Your paper should be free of misspellings and grammatical errors. The length of the paper should be at least 2000 words. The paper should be written using APA format ONLY, and it should be minimum -2,000words long not counting title page and bibliography. The paper has to have an APA style Title page, followed by an Abstract, which summarizes the main idea of your paper. Then you should have an Introduction followed by the Main body of your paper. Finally, a Conclusion and a Reference Section. You will need to use at least 3 references. One reference will be provided for you for each topic listed below. You will need to find two more on your own. Therefore,  your paper outline should be as follows:a) Title Page b) Abstract c) Introduction d) Main body of your paper e) Conclusion f) References If you have never written an APA style paper I suggest you consult this website guidance or information on APA styleHere are three approved topics. You must choose one of the topics on this list: 1.   Stress and ResilienceDoes technology have more of a positive or negative impact on one’s personal and academic life? Does the use of technology reduce or create stress? Discuss. 2.   Interpersonal Relationships
Did social media help or hinder adjustment to adolescent life? Discuss.3.   Quality of Life (money, work, values, and vocation)Can money buy happiness, yes or no? Discuss your personal perspective and how that relates to the material in the textbook. I chose interpersonal relationships and already have all three sources that need to be used in them which i can give you.

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Discuss the Interpersonal relationships.
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