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120 Section 2 . Internal Influences on Consumer Behavior CASE STUDY A Lush Treat for the Senses Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics was founded in 1995 by an attractive aura, with the walls and lighting creating a warm Mark Constantine and Liz Weir. It is headquartered in Dor- effect. The furniture is made of natural wood, and the flooring set, United Kingdom. Lush has carved out a niche for itself is done with natural stone that creates an apt environment for in the global market with the success of its fresh handmade the fresh, natural products. The sounds in the store are a com- products that are 100 percent vegetarian and environment- bination of background music and a market-type buzz created friendly. 102 The company operates around 900 stores in 49 by the salespeople’s active interaction and engagement with countries around the world. Even with such soaring popu- customers. larity, it firmly adheres to its original philosophy-to create The location of Lush stores is mostly near high-end fash- natural beauty products. 103 In 2015, Lush was ranked as the ion stores, enabling them to target the latter’s high-end custom- top customer experience brand in the United Kingdom by ers and communicate a premium image. Lush hires and trains KPMG Nunwood. 104 energetic and positive people who interact with the customers A visit to the Lush store is pure indulgence for the senses, as if they are talking to their friends, showing them the things and that’s exactly what the store and its planners want its cus- they love, and encouraging them to touch the unwrapped prod- tomers to expect, feel, and remember-a rich experience that ucts and smell them. The salespersons offer free skin and hair leaves the senses and the mind invigorated. Lush manufactures consultations and invite customers for a live demonstration or a range of cosmetics including soaps, bathing foams, bath oils, even a hand massage. creams, moisturizers, massage bars, cleansers, makeup, per- Lush carefully selects the words it uses on its labels, fumes, and deodorants. packages, store signage, websites, and advertising. The words The popularity and growth of Lush is a testament to the “fresh.” “natural.” and “handmade” are used extensively. success of sensory branding which bases its strategy to connect Labelling contains names of natural ingredients like chocolate, with its customers at an emotional level by appealing to their olives, sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil, and honey. The choice senses. This is exactly what Lush did to attract customers and of words in communications is creative, and this adds to its then to make them feel attached to the brand. Lush is passion- fun and green image: examples include the “Go Naked” cam- ate about being fresh and organic, and this passion drives the paign and the “Have a Sniff” point-of-purchase sign. The “Go company. The company’s products are made from the freshest Naked” campaign encouraged consumers to buy unpackaged organic fruits and vegetables and the finest essential oils. This products to help save resources that are wasted by over-pack- commitment attracts the nature-loving consumer community ing products. More than 45 percent of Lush products are sold and plays a vital role in how the company is perceived by its naked; that is, without packaging. Similarly, the “Have a Sniff” target customers. The company’s appeal is further bolstered by sign next to the unwrapped products promotes the package- a no-animal testing policy, environmentally friendly packag- less style of Lush, while also inviting customers to take in the ing and labelling, helpful and friendly staff, and a unique store aroma of the products. 105 design. The Lush experience starts even before one enters the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS shop. The exotic, natural fragrances of Lush products can be taken in from a distance, and shoppers are naturally drawn CS 3-1 Based on your understanding of the perceptual pro- to the store. Once inside, all senses come alive within a few cess, discuss how Lush uses sensory marketing for seconds. The colorful, unwrapped products are displayed like its products and encourages its customers to process food on market stalls. The soaps are sold as chunky blocks that information. look like cheese, the Bath Bombs are piled up like fruit, the CS 3-2 Are the decisions of Lush’s consumers driven by a face masks are kept in cold pots in salad-bar type tables, and rational consumption appeal that uses the message butter cream is arranged like cake. The unusual forms of the of ethical, organic, fresh, and healthy products, or products and the creative stocking style grab the customer’s is it influenced by the hedonic consumption and the attention, and their enchanting smell motivates the consumer pleasurable multi-sensory experience they encounter to look even further. Overall, the store is comfortable and has, in the stores?

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