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The first study The Mediating Role of Organizational Political Capital in the Impact of Competitive Intelligence on Strategic Drift A Field Study in the Jordanian Commercial Banks in Amman City Question TWO : The researcher used some of the five commonly used techniques in diagnosing the study problem. determine only those techniques he used? 5 Marks Study problem Given the importance of the impact of strategic drift on business organizations in general, and on In the commercial banking sector in particular, the study (Maosa, 2015) recommended that more be done Studies on this vital topic to find secrets that have not yet been revealed, and to find new ways to contribute In one way, or another, in reducing strategic drift in commercial banks. And to ensure the feasibility of studying the topic in the Jordanian environment, specifically in the commercial banking sector The researcher conducted structured interviews with three banks: (The Jordanian Commercial Bank and one bank Housing, Cairo Amman Bank (in the city of Amman). the answers of those who were asked were That strategic drift has a high level of risk in commercial banks, and that it has a significant impact on Its performance, and there is a need for more research and investigation on this phenomenon as it affects the objectives, the bank’s strategies, and damage to its reputation, and thus this gap has actually been found ………..

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