Paper instructions:

Identify a topic appropriate to our course.
Anything we study in Humanities during the time period covered in this course is fair game. (For example, Intro to Humanities courses can do any humanities topic while Greek and Roman course would need to limit themselves to topics from those time periods. (10 points)
Cite each source using the MLA style guide. (5 points each)
3 book sources
3 articles from a library database
Annotate each source: Write a short annotation (6-10 sentences) describing the quality and usefulness of the source. (10 points each) Each annotation should
No Primary Sources: This means, for example, that if you choose Shakespeare as a topic you could not include works by Shakespeare. Those are great resources, but for this annotated bibliography I want you to focus on critical, academic resources.
Summarize the material in the source (3-5 sentences)
Assess the reliability of the source. This may include looking at any discernible bias in the source, the age of the source, the methodology, etc. (2-3 sentences)
Describe what this source would be most useful for. (1-2 sentences)

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Discuss the Greek architecture.
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