Paper instructions:

Read pages 173-177 of the azis (2016) article. Answer the three questions
1. In the section leave the century is only credible god (pg.173-174) there are some strong parallels to what is happening in today global political spectrum. Based on the paragraphs of this section, what connections do you see with what is happening in our country and around the world? Fully explain your conclusions with specific links to the section.

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Discuss the Fear and Spectacle in the Crucible as Compared to the HUSC Hearings.
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2. In the section labeled the panoply of legislation (pg.174-175) the sentence “the state could now freely suppress people’s liberties through stringent congressional statutes and the politics of legislation that gave their investigations a constitutional cover” the HUAC was able to push through acts that could restrict Americans rights while disguising these oppressive laws under the perceived Legality afforded by the constitution. How and why would repression of the puritans liberties in 1692 salem serve the deputy governor Thomas Danforth? How and why would such repression serve the HUAC agenda?

3. In the section labeled power and the frame of spectacle (pg.175-177) why did Arthur Miller use the historical salem witch trial event as a comparison of the then contemporary HUAC hearings? What connections did he see?

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