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2. Attitude formation Use your knowledge of attitude formation to answer the following questions. Which of the following is an example of social learning? Check all that apply. A high school student is more likely to think that it is okay to smoke if his or her friends smoke. People are more likely to have a negative attitude toward drugs if they have had a bad experience using drugs. People in Japan are more likely to respect their managers than people in the United States. Children are more likely to believe in a certain religion if their parents believe in that religion Which of the following is an example of how attitude relevance is linked to behavior? An author of page-turning romance novels for gay men is unlikely to include straight love scenes in his books because his primary audience will not be interested. O A geneticist working for a pharmaceutical company is more likely to protest new regulations regarding stem cell research than a janitor working for the same company. O A voter who cares deeply about pollution and saving the earth is unlikely to vote for climate control measures because they are unlikely to appear on the ballot. O A disc jockey working at a local radio station is likely to protest a new 4-day workweek, despite the fact that he will continue working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week because of the schedule of his radio program. If an employee has job over which she has control, she is likely to have a negative attitude toward work.

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