Paper instructions:

Purpose: To explore a current environmental event and assess the response and impact of an environmental issue
Using newspapers, media, internet news, etc. choose a “current” issue related to environmental health or impacting health. If possible, use an event/concern in the media within the …..(last 6 months, but no older than 12 months,) and it is approved by faculty. for example ( chemical pollution, air pollution, climate change, And temperature increase, disease-causing microbes, Forest fire, flood, hurricane, , and poor water quality and water pollution…etc) choose only one from example
in (locally (in saudi Arabia), regional, or globally challenges.

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Discuss the Environmental Event Affecting Community Health and Report.
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Use the guidelines provided below.
1.    Title to include topic
2.    Source: Where did you find the topic and if possible, post the headline related to the topic. If an online source provides the link in the report. Also provide date of event/story, etc.
3.    Identify most important information (a synopsis…bulleted…no paragraphs)
4.    How is this event related to community health locally and nationally?
5.    Is there a role for nursing? If so, what is that role?

Grading Criteria:
1.    Appropriate Topic Identified
2.    Source provided with a reference or link to easily access the resource
3.    Critical aspects of environmental issue relayed concisely
4.    Relationship to community health at all levels: locally and nationally
5.    Logic, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, objectivity .

The papers will be:
(1)    6-pages without the references and title page
(2)    12” font
(3)    New Times Roman
(4)    Double-spaced
(5)-Write the topic in a way APA style 7.
(6)plagiarism free.
The KSU Libraries’ wide range of resources and services, including databases, online journals.
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