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Born in 1959 Barbie perhaps is the most famous girl over the past 40 years or so. As a profitable toy doll manufactured by Mattel two Barbie dolls will be sold every second all over the world. Being blonde, tall, slim, buxom, leggy and beautiful with her trendy, swinging, independently wealthy lifestyle, Barbie is admired by hundreds of thousands of girls in different countries. To appeal to customers with different cultural background in different countries, nowadays Mattel Company designs Barbie with cosmetic changes and variable subjects according to local tastes. For example, domestically Mattel introduced the black Barbie to cater to the segment of African-American market and later Hispanic and Asian-American Barbie to meet the needs of these ethnic markets. In Central and Eastern Europe, Mattel came up with an idea called “Friendship Barbie”, which was less elaborate with only sports clothes and accessories, but reflected the more basic lifestyle of children in this area. In India Barbie girl was painted with a forehead spot and dressed in a sari while the core image was unchanged. However, in the Middle-East countries, because of the totally diverse culture values, Barbie is seriously in trouble. In Iran, the government condemned the forever young and childless-by-choice Barbie (and her long-time boy friend Ken. No plans for marriage, ever. ) as a threat to traditional culture. Barbie doesn’t define herself in relation to children or families as Iranian women supposedly do. Then, the Iranian Ministry of Education marketed the twin dolls Sara and Dara as the national dolls. Unlike the Barbie Doll, Sara and her twin brother Dara are on a mission to help others, and when the need rises, they consult their parents for guidance. That’s the spirit behind the making of the modestly dressed twins. Meanwhile, Barbie dolls openly sell for $700 in Teheran stores. $700 is seven times the average monthly salary in Iran. In Saudi Arabia, Saudi religious police were raiding toy stores and gift shops to seize Barbie dolls. One reason for banning Barbie is a belief that Jews own the American company that makes them, Mattel. Jews and Christians are not normally welcome in the

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