Paper instructions:

Q1) Review various literatures, and prepare a review summary on the Total Quality System (TQS) in manufacturing industry/company and compare it with service industry/company. The writing must cover the following:

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Discuss the Differences in a Service Company With Regards to the Total Quality System.
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-Elements of a Total Quality Systems in Manufacturing – presents the elements comprise in the total quality system in manufacturing company/industry; i.e. the concept, philosophy, goals, processes and so on.

-Evaluation of How TQS Affects a Manufacturing Company – presents the issues within a manufacturing company such as reputation, competition, profits, product quality and so on. Evaluate how the concepts and philosophy of TQS can help address those issues.

-Differences in a Service Company with regards to the Total Quality System – a comparison needs to be made between the TQS in manufacturing company versus service industry/company. Discuss about the differences.

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