In this course, you will develop an original curriculum design. This curriculum will be a minimum of the equivalent of a single unit of instruction, or one week’s worth of work in a typical public school. This would encompass, at a minimum, five one-hour sessions of instruction. Your curriculum design may be longer, if you choose. You may select any topic you wish. Students have created a wide variety of projects in the past, including a course on “How to Use a Telescope to Read the Night Sky” to “Introduction to Dental Hygiene.” It is entirely up to you! Three samples are available in Start Here for your review. Your professor will also discuss the variety of potential projects in a Collaborate Session, Course Announcements and Discussion.

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Discuss the Curriculum Map of Dental Hygiene
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This project will take place in two parts. Part One offers an overview of the curriculum itself. In Part Two you will design specific instruction including detailed lesson plans and instructional materials. Each part (one and two) should be formatted as a formal paper, be no more than 10-12 pages in length (not including title and reference pages) and is worth 15% of your grade.

Part One of the Curriculum Design Project includes: The curriculum map, developing an outline of the curriculum, including needs assessment, goals, objectives, scope and sequence, and a plan for evaluation. Additional information about this assignment can be found in Resource areas of your online course including the weekly assignment instructions, announcements, and/or discussion posts by your professor.

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