Paper instructions:

This is Part I of a three-part project. You are creating a preschool Parent Handbook that focuses on health, safety, and nutrition.  Your Parent Handbook can be based on a real school/program (perhaps where you currently work or formally worked) or a fictional school/program.

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Discuss the Criteria for When Children Can Return to the Classroom After an Illness.
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Parent Handbook, Part I – Required Elements
Below are the required elements for Part I.  You are welcome to add more elements under the topic of Health.

Exclusion Policy
How will parents know when to keep their child at home due to illness?
Give specific examples of illnesses that require children to stay at home.
Discuss the criteria for when children can return to the classroom after an illness.
Medication Policy
What requirements does your program/school have for administering medication?
If any forms are required, be sure to explain where parents can find the form and who they should submit the form to.
Classroom Health Policy
What are some consistent ways that you will be integrating health into your classroom?
What will be some of your classroom rules that help children stay healthy?
Promoting Wellness in the classroom and at home (parent engagement, home/school connection)
Discuss how parents can help you maintain a healthy classroom.
Give the parents some specific suggestions/examples of healthy practices they can do at home to reinforce the healthy habits that their child is learning at school.

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