Paper instructions:

  1. How should Glossier best deploy the $52 Million infusion of capital it has just received from its Series C fundraise?
  1. Which of the four paid media programs should Glossier pursue? (peer to peer representatives, influencer marketing, paid media and CRM) Why? How might each of these programs change its relationship with customers?
  1. Across the marketing mix, how can Glossier best utilize the brand community? How does your answer change as the Glossier community exponentially scales?
  1. Assess the strength of the Glossier brand, how sustainable are the brand-related competitive advantages? Why?
  1. Is the “best friends” the most effective relational template for Glossier’s desired relationship with its customers? Why or why not? What excites you and what worries about this type of relationship?
  1. Should Direct to Consumer brands stay digital only or do they need to break out into the physical world? How does that move affect the brand community?

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