A person asks “How likely is it that this action will cause harm?” Which concept of the issue intensity is this example referring to? A16. Judy is keen on joining Columbia University to pursue a master’s degree in economics. However, after three months of applying and waiting unsuccessfully for an acceptance letter, she finally decides to attend HKU, which was one of her backup choices of universities. Name the decision-making solution this example is referring to. A17. “We expect to maintain the highest standards of quality in our workmanship.” Which type of programmed decisions is this example referring to? A18. In the late 1970s, Apple launched the Apple computer for individual use. It was a radical concept; there was no information for this type of product. Under these circumstances, in which condition Apple faced? A19. George’s group mates are reluctant to voice their opposition to several issues in order to maintain group harmony. Name the problem of group decision-making this example is referring to. A20. Eva’s Internet search for information about “vendor for machine screws” yielded more than 100,000 items. Eva did not have time or resources to pursue each of these so she limited her search to only vendors in her state. By doing this, which decision-making approach is this example referring to? A21. An organisation is composed of people such as employees. Besides having a distinctive purpose, what is the other common characteristic of an organisation? A22. Managers are employed to work in large and small factories, department stores, and hospitals, etc. Which concept of management describes that organisations require managers? A23. A production supervisor has just introduced a technique to decrease the cost of inventory. How do we describe this production supervisor’s work output? A24. Which management function does a boss perform when he gives commendation to his staff so that his staff will work harder? A25. A supervisor always shouts to his subordinates to do their jobs. He does not listen to subordinates’ feedback on their difficulties in their jobs. Which management skills should this supervisor improve? A26. “Managers are directly responsible for an organisation’s success or failure”. This statement reflects what kind of view of management? A27. Med Factory selling health products decides to add two new product lines in view of the increasing number of old people in Japan in the coming few years. Which component in the external environment does this change represent

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