You are a senior engineer in the design department at a leading aerospace company and have 5 junior engineers working for you. The Head of Design is concerned about the performance of your design team, as your group does not meet deadlines, is not cohesive and does not always achieve the design brief set. The Head of Design has identified that your team is underperforming and has asked you to research and propose team building exercise for your group. Tasks: Produce a 3 page (6 sides) report for the Head of Design. 1. Research, evaluate and summarise the leading group (team) work theories. Explain the behaviours that high performing teams and the individual members exhibit? Discuss the characteristics of an effective team leader? 2. Compare and contrast different well-known exercises for building effective teams. Select one team building exercise and justify its use for your team. 3. Reflect on your personal team working ability; discuss your strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal action plan.

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Discuss the Characteristics of an Effective Team Leader
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