GearPro is a manufacturing company that produces parts for the automobile industry. The company has several patents on parts that fit in the gear assembly of sport cars, but also of cars who drive on automatic transmission. To produce the parts, GearPro runs multiple shifts with about 20 workers on each shift. David supervises one shift, with a team that was hired 8 months ago. David really enjoys working at GearPro and wants all the workers to enjoy their work as well. He is a people-oriented supervisor and his followers describe him as very genuine and caring. For instance, David never forgets someone’s birthday or someone’s personal accomplishment. He works hard at creating a good atmosphere and takes people out to lunch. He also invites his team to his house for a monthly social event with dinner and board games. The team is responsible for setting up the machines and equipment when changes are made from making one type of gear to making another type of gear (for a different type of car). For example, they set up the machines when the production line changes from making sport gears to gears with automatic transmission In addition, the team is responsible for the complex computer programs that monitor and control these machines. The team hears a lot of complaints from other teams in GearPro for not doing a perfect job. The team feels pressure because it is not always easy to figure out how to do their tasks and they started learning their job only 8 months ago. Despite David’s efforts, the motivation of many team members dropped and as a result, absenteeism and turnover in his team are quite high. Each setup is different and entails different procedures. Although the computer is helpful when it is calibrated appropriately to the task, it can be extremely problematic when the software it uses is not working well. Because the computer software is so complex, it is often misunderstood. Team members have complained to David many times about the difficulty of their jobs, and they asked him multiple times to give them more structure and task clarity so that they know better what to do. At this moment, they often feel they are not always able to perform the task in a perfect way. According to path-goal theory a How would you describe the task characteristics? (use examples) (2 points) b. How would you describe the follower characteristics? (use examples) (2 points) a What style(n) of leadership does the path goal theory suggest? Explain (2 points)

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