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Week 3 readings
Leitner, H. (2012). Spaces of Encounters: Immigration, Race, Class, and the Politics of Belonging in Small-Town America. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 102(4), 828–846.

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Discuss the Challenges/ Issues of Migration in the US.
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Ross, E., & Allison, G. (2017, May 5). Under Two Flags: Quiet Activism in the Texas Borderlands. Vice.
The New York Times. (2019, April 25). Cross-Border Patrols, Mercenaries and the K.K.K.: The Long History of Border Militias. The New York Times.
Ehrkamp, P. (2016). Geographies of migration I: Refugees. Progress in Human Geography.

Lee, A. (2019, October 26). The Essex lorry deaths expose the tragic cost of high-tech borders. Wired UK.
I also attached the research topic thesis which you wrote for me and feedback from instructor.

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