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Which one of the following statements is not among the benefits of effectively communicating management’s strategic vision to all company personnel? A well-thought-out, forcefully communicated strategic vision prompts lower-level managers to pursue actions and operating practices that promote achievement of the vision. OA sound, well-communicated strategic vision is a tool for helping win the support of organizational members for changes that will help move the company along the chosen strategic path. An effectively communicated vision is a valuable tool for managers to use in providing company personnel with a rationale for why the whole organization should promptly take steps to begin its journey into the future. A sound, well-communicated strategic vision greatly simplifies the top executive task of setting stretch strategic and financial objectives, developing a strategic intent, and creating a balanced Scorecard that results in significantly higher levels of company performance. A well-thought-out, forcefully communicated strategic vision reduces the risk of rudderless decision making.

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Discuss the Benefits of Effectively Communicating Managements Strategic Vision to All Company Personnel.
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