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3. What are le TIKS UT Uutumu u prout PUCUSS? What are the risks for a service process? ne! An assembly line with 17 tasks is to be balanced. The longest task is 2.4 minutes, and the total time for all tasks is 18 minutes. The line will operate for 450 minutes per day. 2. What are the minimum and maximum cycle times? b. What range of output is theoretically possible for the line? c. What is the minimum number of workstations needed if the maximum output rate is to be sought? d. What cycle time will provide an output rate of 125 units per day? e. What output potential will result if the cycle time is (1) 9 minutes? (2) 15 minutes? 2. A manager wants to assign tasks to workstations as efficiently as possible, and achieve an hourly output of 33% units. Assume the shop works a 60-minute hour. Assign the tasks shown in the accom- panying precedence diagram (times are in minutes) to workstations using the following rules: a. In order of most following tasks. Tiebreaker: greatest positional weight. b. In order of greatest positional weight. c. What is the efficiency? 0.6 c 0.5 0.5 0.5

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