Paper instructions:

Please dedicate 1 page per response to each weeks readings. I have attached the readings that you will need. I have also provided a peer’s sample answer for each weeks discussion. Please do not copy it but feel free to use it as inspiration.

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Week 1 Reading: Crone – Nativist Prophets – Intro
(1 page)

Sample Response: For this week, we read about the aftermath of the Arab invasion of Persia and the conversion to Islam. While Crone discusses the ramifications of this event in her book, it is interesting to note the various paths of conversion taken by people from different demographics. For instance, we know that people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds were among the first converters. Nonetheless, Crone discusses the prevalence of resistance by the Persians to this change: “Back in Iran there had been plenty of resistance to the Arabs. The same places had to be conquered again and again, having turned traitors’(ghadaruˉ)or been ‘unfaithful’(kafaruˉ)or ‘broken their treaty’(naqad ̇uˉ), as the Muslim sources laconically inform us” (Nativist Prophets, 6). Upon scrutinizing this phenomenon, it is apparent that not only was the conversion a gradual process, but more importantly, many of the converters were not loyal to the new administration (caliphate). Notably, this fact is manifested in more well-known revolts such as those of the Hashimite, which stemmed from Khurasan (eastern Iran). In summation, analysis of such tensions between various local groups and their objective for revolt underlines an important aspect that Persians did not accept being governed by a foreign authority even though they may have shared the same religious values.

Week 2 Readings: Anzali – Debate Mulla Qummi and Mulla Majlisi
Khafipour – Safavid Claim to Sovereignty
(1 page for both readings)

Sample Response: *no sample provided*

Week 3 Readings: kia-persianate-selves-intro
ringer – Negotiating Modernity in Between Tradition and Modernity
(1 page for both readings)

Sample Response: *no sample provided*

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