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2 Outside secondary sources, 1-3 Primary sources. Works Cited page . this is a definition essay where you are expounding on the definition of arts as you understand it and how these places are excellent examples of such a definition. on May 29, 1851, Sojourner Truth , an Abolitionist And former slave, gave one of histories most memorable speeches on the intersection between women’s suffrage and black rights. Speaking to the Ohio women’s convention, truth used her identity to point out the ways in which both movements were failing black women. Over and over, according to historical transcripts, She demanded, “Aint I a woman?” this speech is said to be one of the Best persuasive arguments of all time. In this essay, address what persuasive techniques and devices truth uses to defend her argument and how do these devices impact the argument? In what ways does it affect the readers? In what ways does her speech impact audiences in and now?

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