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Which of the following is not an advantage of dempartmentation by function? Done Facilitate coordination Excessive centralization Ensure specialization Adequate attention to basic activities In the Pandemic situation Mr. Jack as a Manager passing the information to his subordinates to Mr. Joe, Ms. Rose, and Mr. Asif. As COVID-19 is going on they are not in contact with each other in the office location. What do you feel, which type of role Mr. Jack is performing in his job? Choose the best suitable option from the following. 1 Done Disseminator Role Negotiator Role Spokesperson Role Monitor Role Awareness of problem is the first step of decision making which mostly occurs at: Done Top level All levels of management Lower level Middle level Decisions required less analysis and concentration which do not change organizational direction is known as: Done Decision making Operational decision Major decision Strategic decision

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Discuss the Advantages of Departmentation.
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