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A group meeting sometimes is suggested as a useful compromise between interviews and questionnaires. In such a group meeting, one systems analyst meets with and asks questions of a number of users at one time. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a group meeting.

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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Meetings
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When conducting interviews, a System Analyst might choose to do group interviews instead of one on one interviews. The advantages to doing a group interview is that it can save time by talking to everyone at once and you can get group reactions. Sometimes this helps as someone might have a thought or opinion that the others did not think about and then it can be discussed by the group. This can also lead to problems as well. The group might have a mix of workers and managers and the workers may not feel comfortable talking candidate with the managers in the room. Other issues this might resent is one or a few people might control the conversation and other people in the room might not feel like talking. It is important to get everyone’s opinion to be successful. Everyone has different personalities and responds differently to question types. With the group you can get very good dialog going but as stated before, it might be on sided. Some in the group might feel more comfortable with short closed ended questions. Just because they don’t open up in a group does not mean there input in invalid.

The task is to commment or respone to the answer and answer the question on your own words too

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