Key Question #6 The Durham Region began composting initiatives in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste residents sent to landfills each year. Curb-side “green bins are collected weekly, and organic waste is held in a central location where decomposers are added to break down the waste. Adding beneficial microorganisms to compost at large-scale composting facilities aids in the decomposition or organic waste, and produces high-quality compost in a reduced amount of time. However, the microorganisms can leach into groundwater and run off into nearby water systems, where they can harm other organisms Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Create a table or paragraph in which you do a cost-benefit (pros and cons) analysis of Durham Region’s ‘Green Bin initiative. (10 marks) Once you have completed the analysis write a paragraph in which you argue whether or not Durham Region should cancel its ‘Green Bin’ program. (10 marks) Marking rubric on following page. In a mould growth experiment, bread cubes were moistened with a solution at three pH levels. Temperature was kept constant. The number of colonies was counted and recorded daily during a one week period. (See Table 1) Bread mould is Rhizopus. Table 1 Day start 1 2 3 4 5 6 Number of pH 4.0 0 1 2 2 2 2 mould pH 55 0 8 14 24 32 40 48 48 colonies pH 7.0 0 1 2 3 – 3 a. Arrange the data into a line graph. Be sure to include a title for your graph, and label all axes appropriately. (5 marks) b. According to the data, what pH is optimum for bread mould growth? (1 mark) c. Temperature was controlled in this experiment. Name three other factors that also need to be kept constant in order for the above conclusion to be valid. (3 marks) d. Bread mould is a saprophyte. What evidence suggests that bread is a suitable food for this organism? (2 marks) e. What environmental conditions would you recommend to prevent mould growth on foods? (2 marks) 3. List several harmful effects resulting from the ingestion of poisonous mushrooms such as those belonging to the genus Amanita. How can such harmful effects be avoided? (4 marks)

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