Objective: Discuss present-day environmental problems and identify their roots in China’s environmental history.

By Friday of each week, find a news article about a present-day (post-2016) environmental issue in China that is related to the topic of the lectures, films, and required readings for that week. Write a short paragraph (150-300 words) explaining how the article is connected to that week’s theme. To receive full points, you must post your current events report (including a link to the news article you selected) on the Canvas discussion board by Friday at 11:59pm

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Discuss present-day Environmental problems and Identify their Roots in China’s Environmental History
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Week4 report theme:
Find a news article related to this week's theme of food, animals, and agriculture and explain how it relates to the content of the assigned readings and/or lecture for the week.

Try to be as specific about those connections as possible. Your report is due on Friday.


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