Paper instructions:

Prompt: Analyze the arguments of at least four major stakeholders in order to explain the dynamics of the current conversation and why you believe the issue is unresolved.

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Project Description: To complete this project, you will identify at least four individuals and/or groups who hold a stake in your issue, determining their material, philosophical, and/or personal stake or investment in the issue’s outcome. You will then analyze your selected stakeholders’ arguments, applying stasis theory in order to explain the dynamics of the conversation (e.g. disagreements, cross-talk, varying opinions) amongst the stakeholders. Synthesizing these dynamics will allow you to craft a hypothesis about why the current conversation is at a standstill.

Rather than making an argument about which ideas and positions you personally like best, your essay will explore some of the following questions: What are the dynamics of the current conversation about my issue? What are the major arguments surrounding the issue? Who are the stakeholders and what are their stakes and arguments? Why or how do the different parties agree or disagree with one another (often called cross-talk)? Who is or isn’t able to speak, and how does this impact the development of the conversation?

Requirements: A successful essay will:

Identify at least four relevant stakeholders that represent a variety of perspectives and analyze their stakes
Conduct and synthesize relevant research to explain the dynamics of the current conversation around the issue
Apply stasis theory to the issue’s debate including key arguments and stakeholder positions
Use at least 8 academic and popular sources, citing them using MLA Style to avoid plagiarism
Be 1750-2000 words in length
Be clear, carefully edited, and effectively organized around a thesis

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