Decision Making: Logical Celebration Reason and emotions are an integral part of decision making. Cognitive processing- or the way we understand and acquire information is also important to this process. But where does culture fit into the equation? For example, do people in Asian countries use the same logic when making decisions as people in Europe or the United States? What influence do religious differences have over a person’s ethical approach to solving a problem? Imagine you are a manager of a very diverse, multicultural team and describe the team in detail. Include information about the number of men and women on the team, where they come from, and the religions they practice, etc. Be sure to give each team member a name. Now, imagine that you have to decide which holidays your team members will be paid for and which holidays they will not be paid for. 1. List all possible holidays. 2. Think of the issues you may encounter in making this decision. a. Give examples of how accommodation and assimilation could play a role. b. Give an example of how stereotyping could be involved. c. Discuss potential differences of culture, gender, and religion and the impact these differences will have on team members’ opinions. 3. Create a guide for facilitating the discussion so the decision will be made to the satisfaction of all or most people.

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Discuss Potential Differences of Culture, Gender, and Religion and their Impact
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