In your discussion, you should highlight the similar or differing opinions of research and use the PROMPT analysis to show why the results from one article may be more valid than those from another. This should all lead to a clear conclusion that summarises the key findings from your research.

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Structure of the review
Your review will consist of an introductory section, the main section analysing the evidence, and ending in a conclusion and a list of the references you have consulted. The guidance below indicates what is expected in each section and gives the suggested word counts (remember that the list of references won’t be included in the overall word count).

Introduction (400 words)

In this introductory part, you are setting out the foundation and context for your work. You need to define what the focus of your answer will include and clarify the key terms where appropriate.

Main section – analysing the evidence (1300 words)

It is recommended that you use sub-headings (e.g. key themes) to structure this section and guide the reader coherently through the evidence. Refer to the article used in Unit 13, Activity 13.1 to see how a literature review on this subject is structured. Where possible, try to be balanced by presenting both sides of any debate.
Use paragraphs to present key research on each theme related to the question.

When reporting the literature, ensure that any implications that you draw are valid in the light of the evidence that you present. For example, summarise cautiously; use phrases such as ‘the evidence suggests that … ’, or ‘one interpretation is that … ’.

Conclusion (300 words)

Your review should have a conclusion that summarises the key findings in response to your research question. Remember, you must not introduce new information in a conclusion.

Provide a full list of references you have consulted, using the Cite Them Right (Harvard) style at the end.


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