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Discuss Micro and Macro Environmental.
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Quality of secondary data research
Analysis of the micro environmental factors
Analysis of the macro environmental factors
Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of entering the country of your choice
Sound proposals/suggestions for the future (supported by evidence)
Structure of the report (abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion)
References (format, quality)

Theoretical framework is required: micro environment, macro environment, factors which influence marketers, product and foreign markets, consumer behaviour.
Step 1: Choose your partner (group of two)
Step 2: Select a country for which you can find information.
Step 3: Select the product you wish to introduce to this country
Step 4: Inform your lecturer upon your choices through e-mail by week 4
Step 4: Read the theory behind micro and macro environmental factors
Step 5: Conduct research upon the country (check below for even more specific guidelines)
Step 6: Write together with your partner the assignment. You should not be descriptive rather theoretical and
discursive. This is why you are strongly advised to use the academic literature on Micro and macro environment when it comes to marketing. At least, 10 ACADEMIC articles are required
Step 8: Submit your assignment
*Your analysis should include a theoretical framework. You need together with your findings to incorporate the theory you have read:
An overall description of the country, including such factors as its economy, religions, etc. that might affect marketing of the product you have chosen. Link it with theory: academic articles and online research
A description of the cultural values and business ethics dominant in the country.
Link it with theory:    academic articles and online research
Possible competition. Mostly online research                            Your recommendations for a product strategy (product design, packaging, brand name, price, etc.) based on the previous research on the country. Would you standardise or adapt your product.
Provide arguments.
Your recommendations for promotional strategies which fit in your country. Does it have the
ATTENTION: All parts of the project should draw upon academic literature.

Students are expected to submit their work in hard copy. Assignments should be 1400 words long per student (Group of two students: 2,800 words), (excluding tables, graphs and spreadsheets). There will be a penalty of 10% for those reports exceeding the word limit by more than 10%. In case the word limit has been exceeded by more than 20%, the report will get a mark of 0.
Following the guidelines of the “Students Handbook”, reports should be written using the Century Gothic font at a size of 10 and with 1.5 spacing between lines. There should be clear spacing between paragraphs, sections and subsections.

Students are expected to follow the below report structure:
Table of Contents
Literature Review (use sections and proper section titles)
Recommendations for actions that should/could be/have been undertaken
Bibliography – you must utilise the Harvard Reference System

NOTE: All sentences or passages quoted in this coursework from other people’s work should be specifically
acknowledged by clear cross-referencing to author, work and page(s). Failure to do this amounts to
plagiarism and will be considered grounds for failure in this coursework. It is on the instructor’s discretion to
contact an oral examination, which will result to the award of the final grade to that particular piece of

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