What you need to do to write your report:
Make sure you read the assignment brief before starting your report.
You are required to write a 2000 word report that discusses wellbeing of one of the following groups: (Children, young people, people with mental issues, older people, wellbeing in the workplace).
In the report, you could use subheadings and follow the suggested layout for the report: INTRODUCTION, DISCUSSION and CONCLUSION (you could have subheadings within discussion).
In the INTRODUCTION you should tell the reader what will be covered in your report. Include the definition of wellbeing with appropriate referencing. LO1 (Discussing the principles and global and national trends on the emergence of the wellbeing agenda) could be covered in your introduction (400 words)
DISCUSSION section: Focus on discussing wellbeing with specific reference to your chosen group. You can demonstrate your understanding of LO2 by discussing emerging sociological issues (200 words)
Choose two concepts of the wellbeing agenda and discussing it relation to your chosen group. You could discuss measures of wellbeing for example health, happiness and prosperity.
For each concept, use about 400 words (800 words total for the two concepts). Critically discuss these concepts in relation to your chosen group.
Discuss strategies and initiatives that seek to enhance wellbeing in relation to your chosen group and context (400 words)
Conclusion: Summarize your report and findings (200 words)

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Discuss measures of wellbeing for example health, happiness and prosperity.
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