Paper instructions:

Font: Times New Roman ONLY. The font is set to be 12 points.
• Page Margins: Left: 1” Right: 1” Top: 1” Bottom: 1”
• Indentation: One (1) inch to the left for the beginning of each paragraph.
• Page Number: NO page number for the cover page; Begin with “Page 1” in the body of
the paper.
• Cover Page (NO page number): The cover page should only include the following

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Discuss Marketing Plan.
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The body of the marketing plan should include the following sections:
Section I Executive Summary (no more than one page; write this summary ONLY
after you complete the rest of the marketing plan)
o Section II Market Summary (p. 90)
o Section III SWOT Analysis (p. 90)
o Section IV Unique Selling Proposition (i.e., how do you distinguish your company
from competitors?)
o Section V The Offers (e.g., special deals or package you put together to secure
more new customers and retain past customers)
o Section VI Marketing Materials (e.g., website, print brochures, business cards,
catalogs, etc.)
o Section VII Promotions Strategy (i.e., how do you reach your target customers
o Section VIII Online Marketing Strategy
o Section IX Financial, Budgets, and Forecasts (p. 91)
o Section X Measurements and Controls (p. 91)

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