Choose ONE example of Hindu art to compare to ONE example of Islamic art in order to discuss the concept of ANICONIC art. One of your examples should be iconic and the other should be aniconic in order to compare the two artistic strategies. Please choose examples that are typical of Hindu and Islamic art rather than cleverly trying to find the exception to the rule. The idea is to compare the general characteristics of Hindu and Islamic art as related to the iconic/aniconic. Identify to which religion each work of art belongs and how each of your examples is characteristic of that religion’s artistic expression.

The examples you choose may NOT be those discussed in the hand-outs. The idea is for YOU to find examples of each on your own. Identify each work of art by title, date (which may be approximate), and location, e.g. temple, art museum, etc. [Note: temples and museums are better bets than images from tattoo parlors or New Age websites which may deviate greatly from the established tradition.]

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Compare and contrast the two artworks primarily on the basis of how each is (or is not) an example of iconic or aniconic art. Explain the meaning of the terms aniconic and iconic as they apply to these works of art, identifying which of the 2 artworks is iconic and which is aniconic and how you can tell. Also briefly explain how/why you chose THESE examples to be representative of the iconic or aniconic. Be sure to make specific references to each work of art in your discussion and please include images of the works you discuss.
Please message me first with your chosen works of art to make sure It is acceptable.


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