Start by watching this video on YouTube: Meet the Parents – meeting the parents scene [2:02]

The scene is from the 2000 film Meet the Parents, when Greg meets his girlfriend Pam’s parents. Pam’s Mom, Dina, and her father, Jack, are also part of the scene.

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In the scene, we see a relationship between Greg and Pam, a relationship between Pam and her parents and a relationship between Greg and Pam’s parents. Each of these relationships is in a different stage of Knapp and Vangelisti’s model of Relationship Development. Choose one dyad (refer back to Chapter 11), such as the relationship between Greg and Pam’s father.

Identify the relationship you chose and identify the stage it is in in the scene. Explain the evidence you saw in the clip that led you to choose that stage.

For example, tell us the stage that Greg and Pam’s father are in and what you saw in both the video clip and the textbook that led you to that answer.

Incorporate the key chapter terms in your answer, these terms should be defined and properly cited in the post. Think carefully about your answer before you hit the “post” button. Remember: you cannot see what your classmates have written until you have posted your own answer.


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