Paper instructions:

The project should provide educators—that is, noncounselors—with an overview of the disorder, its characteristics, symptoms, diagnostic assessments and criteria, and effective evidence-based interventions to respond to or treat the disorder, including common pharmacological treatments. Make sure to include any specifics necessary to address diverse populations.

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To complete your culminating course project, incorporate the following:

Include information regarding the selected disorder:
Definition of disorder according to the DSM-5.
Risk factors, difficulties, and challenges.
Gender, ethnicity, and age.
Comorbid or coexisting disorders.
Description over a lifespan.
Assessments used to diagnose.
Interventions in counseling and school.
Medications commonly prescribed for the disorder, their efficacy, and their potential side effects.
Other (such as future trends).
Articulate the presenting problem by noting characteristics, risk factors, and warning signs of students at risk for mental health and behavioral disorders, using skills to critically examine the connections between social, familial, emotional, behavior problems, and academic achievement while considering biological, neurological, physiological, systemic, and environmental factors that affect human development, functioning, and behavior for the disorder.
Discuss theories and etiology of the disorder.
Note the impact of crises, disasters, substance abuse, or trauma on diverse individuals for the disorder.
Evaluate the use of assessments for diagnostic and intervention planning purposes for the disorder.
Summarize developmentally relevant evidence-based counseling strategies and techniques for prevention and intervention plans with ethical and culturally relevant strategies for promoting resilience and optimum development and wellness across the lifespan for the disorder.
Outline common medications that may be used for treatment and any effects on learning, behavior, and mood in children and adolescents for the disorder.
Be as creative as you like, keeping in mind audience appeal and avoiding unnecessarily wordy slides. Include presenter’s notes. Remember to communicate in a manner that is scholarly and consistent with expectations of an effective professional school counselor adhering to APA formatting. This may be presented at state or national organizations as well.

Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

Length: 10–15 slides for the disorder, include an introductory slide and an overall slide at the end for reference list.

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