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Consolidate Attached Files Tutorial – Crisis Response.doc (85 KB) Now that you have established a foundation in your learning it is time for us to look closely at what is a good Crisis Response. will be covering include: How do you manage the Response and Recovery of Operations in the event of a Crisis? How do you provide Care and consideration for Staff and Customers involved in a Crisis? How do you minimize and manage possible negative hostile media coverage in a Crisis? How do you emerge with corporate reputation and key relationships intact or enhanced? son 4 Crisis pptx ” Type here to search DELL OBIC UNUT holding areas for specialist Jupr Stage 1 The time is 0600 hrs. You have just been advised by Operations Control Centre (OCC) that all radio contact has been lost with Chendana Airways Flight CN786 flying from Singapore to Indrapura. The flight carried full passenger loads in all classes i.e. 12 Business Class and 275 Economy Class passengers in total and a cargo load of 20 tonnes comprising 10 tons of general cargo, 5 tons Dangerous Goods and 5 tons perishables (fresh meat and vegetables).

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Discuss how to Minimize and Manage Possible Negative Hostile Media Coverage in a Crisis.
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