Before joining the discussion, complete the Conflict Resolution Scenario (Links to an external site.).

Then, find and read an article regarding conflict management and resolution. Also read Put Conflict Resolution Skills to Work (Links to an external site.) by Stanley Wachs.

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In your initial post, apply the articles and principles of conflict management to the Conflict Resolution Scenario. Briefly describe the path you took and the outcome. Also address one of the following questions.

Thinking about your own preferred conflict resolution style, what choices do you wish you had made? What choices would you make that were not provided? What do you think will be the ultimate outcome of this situation? How do the articles inform these choices?

Have you had a similar experience at a new job? How did you handle it? How would you handle it given what you have recently learned about conflict resolution? How do the articles inform these choices?

Based on who you are, do you have any cultural issues such as age, gender, or ethnicity that could affect how you would act in this setting? How do these cultural issues affect your conflict resolution style? Did you notice that the characters used titles only for the men (Dr. Gregory and Mr. Garcia) and first names only for the women (Chondra, Mary, Melissa)? How would you feel working in this workplace culture? How do the articles inform these choices?

Be sure to include the APA reference and link to your chosen article.

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