1. Globally, organisations all over are struggling to cope with the prospects and challenges of this ‘new normal’ (COVID – 19). Discuss how this ‘new normal’ has influenced these human resource practices either positively or negatively as well as the way forward: a) Recruitment or Decruitment b) Training and career development c) Human resource planning d) organizational policies (10 marks).
  2. In the wake of COVID – 19 with all the uncertainties and anxieties, examine three innovative ways of managing human resources humanely (8 marks).

Flex-time and telework have become the new norm due to the global pandemic. The issue of ‘netiquette’ or behaving appropriately during online business meetings is increasingly becoming a concern for managers and organisations. Examine three of these inappropriate behaviours and make recommendations (7 marks).

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Discuss how this ‘new normal’{Covid-19} has Influenced Human Resource Practices Either Positively or Negatively
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