Paper instructions:

How have historical outbreaks of other viruses (i.e. measles, polio, flue, etc.) compared
to today’s pandemic of the novel coronavirus? Were certain viruses more deadly or
widespread than others? How have the strategies that humans have implemented to
minimize the spread, and severity, of viral outbreaks changed over the years? Your task
is to write an informative essay that fully addresses the similarities and differences, of
outbreaks throughout human history, as well as various strategies that humans have
implemented to reduce the transmission, spread, and severity of these diseases. Use
information from the six articles in your response.
Manage your time carefully so that you can
• read the passages;
• plan your response;
• write your response; and
• revise and edit your response.
Be sure to include
• an introduction that clearly states your thesis;
• evidence from the six passages; and
• a conclusion that effectively restates your thesis.

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