Paper instructions:

  1. Marketers use a variety of characteristics to segment markets they are interested in pursuing. When segmenting consumer markets, demographic variables are normally used. All of the following are demographic characteristics used by marketers to segment markets except:
  1. ​Social class
  1. ​Marital status
  1. ​Family size
  1. ​Hometown
  1. ​Age
  1. When evaluating market segments, assessment of competitors is important because
  1. an absence of competitors usually creates difficulties in accurately measuring segment sales potential.
  1. competition is generally not a major problem as long as a marketer is aware of it.
  1. sales estimates may cause a segment to appear to be lucrative, but there may be several competitors that together have a large share of that segment.
  1. it is difficult to segment a market when it has multiple competitors.
  1. a competitive analysis may lead to confusion as to who are the key competitors.
  1. Variables such as geographic location, type of organization, customer size, and type of product usage are used to segment ____ markets.
  1. international
  1. government
  1. business
  1. most target
  1. consumer
  1. Your marketing team is currently working through the target market selection process to identify which customers your firm will target with a new technology product being developed. You are currently in the process step where you must consider the target market characteristics, the product attributes, and the firm’s objectives and resources. Which of the five steps in the target market selection process are you currently working on?
  1. ​Step #4 – Evaluate relevant market segments
  1. ​Step #3 – Develop market segment profiles
  1. ​Step #5 – Select specific target markets
  1. ​Step #2 – Determine which segmentation variables to use
  1. ​Step #1 – Identify the appropriate targeting strategy

Which of the following is an example of a behavioristic segmentation variable?

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  1. Usage rate
  1. Climate
  1. Family size
  1. Personality characteristics
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