Paper instructions;

Intro a.Briefly describe the subject you are exploring.b.What topic are you discussion and what key concept does it follow (federalism/ inegalitarianism)?

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II.Literature Review a.What is the background of your topic?b.Who is involved, what year(s) did it take place?c.What does the research say about your topic?

III.Content Analysis  (3-5 pages)a.How does the topic apply federalism, and/or inegalitarianism?b.What level of government is most effected and why?c.Can inegalitarianismbeapplied to the topic?Give at least 3key examples.

IV.Conclusion (1-2 pages)a.Summarize key points in paperb.How do you address the issue/concept in your topic? Must come from peer reviewedsources. Can use secondary and primary sources. If you are unable to solve the issue discussion in your essay, state why, then proceed to portion “c”. c.What area of your topic should future researchers expand upon?

V.References/Citations a. List in alphabetical order from bibliography. b. Must be in APA, Chicago, or MLAformat.

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