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Customer service standards refer to a set of rules, guidelines and regulations that a company formulates to inform and shape the relationship between the customer and the company all the way through the customer’s presence in the company. Many companies usually adopt these standards to ensure that there is the empowerment of customer service employees in matters of quick and adequate solving of grievances and other issues for the benefit of both the customer and the business. Therefore, sufficient and effective customer service standards are significantly important in companies’ strategies to maintain dedicated customers, attract new potential customers, and consequently increase the company’s revenue generation (Browning et al. 2013).

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Key performance indicators (KPIs) refer to the critical index of the steps towards a certain set of achievements. Therefore, through Key Performance Indicators, the company can focus more on the strategies and operations for improving its outcomes. The KPIs are also significantly beneficial in making decisions analytically and concentrating on the matters that need more and immediate attention (Briggs et al. 2007). Examples of key performance indicators are as follows;

  • Revenue growth
  • Net profit margin
  • Gross profit margin
  • Operational cash flow
  • Inventory turnover
  • Current accounts receivables
  1. Suitable KPIs for the tasks and staff of the Reception Area

The personnel working at the reception area are the most important employees in any company since they act as the forefront soldiers in an organizational setup consisting of many employees. Good receptionists need to align their goals with the KIPs for receptionists in order to discover the missing skills that have been highly highlighted in the KIPs for receptionists (Van de Walker Handy et al. 2012). The suitable Key Performance Indicators for the tasks and staff of the reception area are listed as follows;

  • Maintenance of a good first impression.

The receptionist’s main work is to receive customers and direct them appropriately according to the services or goods they want. Therefore, receptionists are the first company’s personnel that customers have a conversation with other than the guards. In this regard, proper business etiquette such as phone etiquette is a mandatory requirement in companies. Receptionists also need to be organized and familiar with all the companies’ departments (Guzik et al. 2010).

  • Ability to handle stress

Workplace stresses are common within many organizations, and they need to be properly managed. Small amounts of manageable stress are professionally healthy, but when the stress levels increase, they can have detrimental effects on the receptionist’s career and even health. The receptionist ought to be able to manage and handle different levels of stress (Guzik et al. 2010).

  • Collaborative skills

A receptionist should possess collaboration skills that significantly depend on the spirit of cooperation and reciprocated respect. Therefore, the receptionist should be a team player and have the ability to balance personal set goals with those of the team as a whole (Guzik et al. 2010).

  • Applying diversity skills

A good receptionist should understand the importance of equitable, diverse, and inclusivity working environments. The company’s diverse workforce should promote successful working since when different minds bring different ideas together; the company gets a chance to grow (Guzik et al. 2010).

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