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Question 1: Based on your studies of the competitive strategies, place the suitable competitive strategy in column B next to the relevant description in column A. There is only ONE best answer for each description and each answer can only be used ONCE (5 Marks) Possible answers are: (Cost Leadership Strategy. Differentiation Strategy, Innovation strategy, Growth Strategy, Alliance Strategy) Strategy Company 1. Facebook began in the Harvard dorm room of Mark Zuckerberg. Consequently, the initial customer base was Harvard students. Once Facebook gained traction at Harvard, it gradually expanded to other colleges. After Facebook spread to colleges, it opened up to non-students. Its measured expansion allowed Facebook to focus on adjusting the product to the needs of each new customer segment. 2. Walmart is a US multinational retail corporation that operates 11,484 supermarkets and discount stores across 27 countries. It gained its popularity by attracting the largest number of customers possible through offering a vanety of affordable products 3. Starbucks and Target, thousands of Target stores host Starbucks cafes to fuel people’s Target runs. Target customers know if they get hungry or thirsty during a shopping trip, Starbucks has them covered right in store. 4. Ever since its creation, Apple has been well-known for its ground-breaking products, including their Macintosh line computers, the iPod, iPad, and of course – the iPhone. And it has successfully managed to distinguish them from their competitors through a multi-layered approach. 5. One of the reasons for the success of Etsy, a customer-to-customer online marketplace, is that it sells unique niche products. So, instead of selling mainstream Jewelry like all other online marketplaces, it would sell much more specific desigris. For rings, one would find things like silver thumb rings or custom name rings on Etsy, to name a few

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