Paper instructions:

Format Instructions:
➢ Write up 4 pages max (Plus 1 Cover Pg and 1 Reference Pg.) Total 6 pages.
➢ Spacing of 1 or 1.5, font size 11 or 12, margins 1” all round.
Use APA format for references, there are instructions in the College Library for your information.
➢ Direct quotations MUST be LESS than 10% of your paper even if correctly cited.
➢ Research must include at LEAST 6 different reliable, scientific sources
➢ NO Abstract, table of contents or running head required for this paper
➢ Submit your paper on Canvas in the Assignment tab for Plagiarism assessment on ‘Turnitin’ it should not be over 18% matching. If > 18% your paper will be returned as plagiarized WITH ZERO SCORE.
➢ DO NOT send by email to your instructor, it will not be graded.

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You are required to write a critical analysis of the disease of your choice.
Included in this analysis, you will need to explain how the disease you chose
affects the various body systems where relevant.

The following relevant and concise information must (if pertinent) be included in your write up.

▪ Name of disease
▪ History of the disease / Demographic Data: Age, sex, race, distribution in population
▪ Description of disease
▪ Anatomy of the system(s) involved
▪ Effects on other body systems
▪ Cause of disease
▪ Signs and symptoms
▪ Diagnosis of the disease
▪ Complications, if any
▪ Treatment options
Conclusion should include the following:
▪ Brief mention of current or proposed research that may significantly impact the
▪ disease.
▪ Prevention strategies if any
▪ Your insight / opinion

NOTE: you must focus on the anatomy & physiology of the disease/disorder. Discuss
the normal anatomy & physiology of the organ /system affected and then state what the
disease/disorder does to this organ/ system, and other organ systems.

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