Paper instructions:

This paper will allow you to take what you have learned throughout the course and create an informed opinion of your own.

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Discuss and identify Approaches to Change the Policy.
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In the Policy You Would Change activity you completed in Week 9, you chose a domestic policy you would like change. In this paper you will share that domestic policy, provide substantive reasons and supporting references for why that policy should change, identify the political processes for changing that policy, and identify how the public can be involved.

Your paper should include the following three parts.

Part 1
What is one domestic policy that you would change, and why? Be sure to use your approved policy and references identified in the Policy You Would Change activity you completed in Week 9. The references should support why this policy is one that should change. (See the Policy You Would Change activity in Week 9 for a list of policy suggestions.)

Part 2
There are procedures or processes within each branch of government for changing and addressing policy concerns. From the list of branches below, choose two and identify a procedure in each one for changing or making a new policy.

The legislative process.
Presidential executive action.
Administrative agency’s regulations.
Legal system of the courts.
Part 3
In what way can the public influence this proposed policy change? Be specific.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Two  pages in length.
A minimum of three references.
Two identified approaches to change the policy.
One way public involvement can influence the policy change.

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