Question 4 2 pts Abbas is maintaining a deep state of relaxation as he visualizes looking at a picture of a snake first, then viewing a snake through a window, then watching a snake from across the room, then observing a snake at arm’s length. In this example, Abbas is using_ to decrease his snake phobia. O cognitive-relaxation therapy the relaxation response systematic desensitization virtual-relaxation therapy

Question 5 2 pts In electroconvulsive therapy. current is never applied to the left hemisphere O convulsions activate the ANS, stimulate hormone and neurotransmitter release, and change the blood-brain barrier electrical current passes through the brain for up to three minutes most patients today receive hundreds of treatments because it is safer than in the past

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Discuss a Statements that is MOST Likely to be Said by a Client-Centered Therapist.
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Question 6 2 pts Which of the following statements is MOST likely to be said by a client-centered therapist? O “You’re right about that.” “Your thinking is all mixed up.” “You sound perplexed, uncertain about what to do.” “Your mother thinks you are a unique, positive, and powerful person.”

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